Client Closet – Maternity Dresses

Pregnancy is such an important and beautiful time in a woman’s life and photographing them in some of the most glamorous outfits can truly enhance the look of a image.

Let me give you a sneakpeek into my client closet for all my soon to be Mums!

The Flying Red Dress (One size fits all)

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Chris & Anna Wedding – Rain or Shine, We are Getting MARRIED!!!

“It is your reaction to adversity and not adversity itself that determines how your life’s story will develop” – Dieter F. Uchtdorf

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Molly & Zach – Stillwater, MN Wedding

It was gorgeous day for a wedding and for photos and what’s a better location than the gorgeous river Mississippi in the beautiful city of Stillwater.

This quaint wedding had so much warmth and love baked into it that can be seen through these images, and these images are only a small fraction of how amazing this session was!

I loved photographing Molly and Zach as they were one of the most laid back couples who made my time as a photographer a total treat!

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Holiday Photos

When I think of my photos and my brand, I think of MAGIC! I have always believed deeply in the power of storytelling and imagery and I am so fortunate for the talent of photography to be able to create MAGIC for my clients and leave them with images they get to hold on to for years to come.

And I am so excited that this is my first year that I am offering holiday composite photos! Composites are taking different images and blending them together to create one cohesive image! The images below are all composites and I love creating them.

If you are interested in getting these fun photos for your little ones and for your beautiful family created, please reach out to CONTACT US

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Corporate & Professional Headshots

I love bringing my creativity to help my corporate clients put their best foot forward!

I love leveraging my creativity to help my corporate clients put their best foot forward at all times! Pictures say so much about you and how you are perceived by the world around! So make sure your photos truly narrate your story in the best way possible!!

Here are a few corporate clients I have worked with for professional headshot photos of their teams.

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Before & After – Skills That Transform my Images

I take pride in not only creating the most memorable images for my clients straight out of camera, but also transforming them with my advanced post processing skills.

Here are some examples of my work I have created in the last few years. Hope you enjoy them!

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Amy & Jonathan – Engagement Photoshoot

“It’s our first photoshoot,” said Amy. And those words melted my heart and I was determined to provide them the very best experience I had to offer!

I remember it being a very cold but gorgeous sunny weather kind of a day! The park we shot at was icy all the way. Like scary icy. Like a photographer could easily slip and break a bone with all the equipments she had to carry. But here were the clients, who were nice enough to give the photographer a hand! It was a unique moment!! 🙂

Vomhof Family & Maternity Photoshoot

When Jeena had reached out to me over Facebook regarding doing her maternity photoshoot, I was thrilled, honored and so excited!

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Connor and Kat – Proposal and Engagement Photoshoot

About this photoshoot, what can I say that the pictures cant tell! I just keep getting lucky everytime someone reaches out to me to be a secret photographer for their proposal. I guess it’s a sense of privilege that I feel, to capture two people’s most vulnerable, emotionally charged and happy moments!

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The Great Gatsby Inspired Photoshoot

“The hangover only lasts a day, but the memories last a lifetime.”

If you have been following me for a while, you know that I have always had a fascination for the roaring 20s era. Why you might ask? Maybe because of my fascination for the fashion of those times? For the glitz and the glam of the people and the parties? For the fact that the time seems no different from what it is today? Maybe its all of that! But what is the most fun for me as a photographer is the ability to be able to recreate those times today!

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