Client Closet – Maternity Dresses

Pregnancy is such an important and beautiful time in a woman’s life and photographing them in some of the most glamorous outfits can truly enhance the look of a image.

Let me give you a sneakpeek into my client closet for all my soon to be Mums!

The Flying Red Dress (One size fits all)

Amazon dress link

The Fuzzy Red Robe (One size fits all)

Recommend wearing a black underwear for this.

The Red Octopus (Size Medium ONLY)

Black Lacey Dress (M to L ONLY)

The Golden Shrug (M to L ONLY)

Recommend wearing a see through/skin color underwear for this.

The Blue Fuzzy Dress (S ONLY)

Pink Fluffy Dress (S-M ONLY)

Pink Flowy Dress (M ONLY)

Amazon dress link

Blue Flowy Dress (M only)

Amazon dress link

Flowy White Dress (M ONLY)

Amazon Link

Dont like anything you see? No worries! Here are other dresses we recommend for you to purchase directly from the Amazon website.

We are constantly adding to our ever growing client closet. So please check back for more options!

Author: shuttergleephotography

“Monotony is the awful reward of the careful. If you want to change and grow, you need to take risk” – John C. Maxwell Minnesota based creative portrait photographer specializing in creating magical and dreamy pieces of art that you will hold on to for years to come.

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