Connor and Kat – Proposal and Engagement Photoshoot

About this photoshoot, what can I say that the pictures cant tell! I just keep getting lucky everytime someone reaches out to me to be a secret photographer for their proposal. I guess it’s a sense of privilege that I feel, to capture two people’s most vulnerable, emotionally charged and happy moments!

Connor had reached out to me a few weeks prior to the proposal. We set up a date and were in the process of finalizing on a location. But a week before the photoshoot, he fell terribly sick!

I was anxious and nervous thinking about the photoshoot! “What if he does not feel better? What if the shoot is cancelled? Nah! He cant do that. He’s gonna propose to her and that’s kind of a big deal!! So stay calm Pallavi and wait for his email!” And so I did 🙂

So the night before, I emailed him and also texted him (yep, I am THAT crazy obsessed photographer). He responded back to my text saying that he had emailed me earlier. Wait, what? Then why did I not get his email? Ha! Shocker! My gmail account storage maxed out and I had to purchase additional storage! Talk about roadblocks, ha!

So finally after all the hiccups, we were finally able to connect and meet at this gorgeous location in Stillwater, MN! BTW, if you havent visited this stunning city, then you are MAJORLY missing out on one of the most beautiful cities in Minnesota!

I got to the location 15 mins prior to the start time AKA when he was casually going to bring her to the spot while acting nonchalant! (I cant even imagine what he must be feeling!! so much excitement!!). I scouted about the place and then walked around for sometime to try out different spots to shoot from. I wanted to make sure that wherever I hide and shoot from, will give me THE BEST view and shots of the lovebirds! I finally found the spot and TRIED to be hide the best I could. Its tough to do so when you are a brown girl with a big a** white Sony lens! 🙂 But I did my best!

And finally, there they were – the cutest couple I met in a long time! Walking along, having fun, throwing snow at each other and just being a couple kids, playing in the gorgeous park overlooking the city of Stillwater, MN.

I made sure I captured every moment, every laugh, every expression. Just to make sure nothing was missed. “This will happen only once Pallavi, so you better do your best job!” I quietly said to myself! (yep, I put no pressure on myself, EVER!).

And then all of sudden I saw him go down on one knee and asked the BIG QUESTION, “Will you marry me?” In that moment, I grabbed both my cameras and rushed to get a closer shot since the cat was now out of the bag! And I knew Kat wouldn’t care if I shamelessly now took pictures of her tears slowly trickling down her cheek and both her cold hands on her face in disbelief! Those tears of joy teared me up as well and I felt this deep sense of happiness for them!

This vicarious pleasure I felt is why I love doing these shoots!

After that, we walked around the area on this super cold winter afternoon and took some more pictures! We talked and laughed and just had the most fun time! 🙂

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