The Great Gatsby Inspired Photoshoot

“The hangover only lasts a day, but the memories last a lifetime.”

If you have been following me for a while, you know that I have always had a fascination for the roaring 20s era. Why you might ask? Maybe because of my fascination for the fashion of those times? For the glitz and the glam of the people and the parties? For the fact that the time seems no different from what it is today? Maybe its all of that! But what is the most fun for me as a photographer is the ability to be able to recreate those times today!

No photoshoot is successful without proper planning! I cannot thank Tony Donatell and his team enough for providing me with the opportunity to click the photos for the inauguration and opening of their new restaurant, Tequila Butcher in Chanhassen, MN (checkout their FB page – )

They have a gorgeous speakeasy in the back of the restaurant that screams oppulence, style and has the moodiest vibe. It’s a place that you want to take your special friends for drinks, your special person for a romantic night out or just take yourself out to taste THE BEST whiskey in town!

So in order to prepare for the grand opening, the team at Tequila Butcher teamed up with me to do a roaring 20s inspired photoshoot and it was an EPIC time for ALL! I remember getting there with all my equipment on a cold winter morning in November (right after Thanksgiving) to take pictures of some of these gorgeous people dressed in flapper girl outfits, with drinks in their hand and big smiles all around! Tony was super nice to be an extra pair of hands for me and helped me hold lights at different points in the photoshoot!

I remember a 2 hr. photoshoot turning into a 4 hr. shoot and I had no idea where and how the time flew! It was SUCH an awesome time! The models were funny, seemed to be having fun, were on point with their poses, and amazing to work with! Just want to give the follow folks a big shout out – Jordan Sawatzky, Alex Burns, Sophia Becker and Ariel Becker (models from the photoshoot). This would not have been the success it was without their help and presence! And biggest thanks to Tony for providing the space, outfits, accessories and the models! Thank you Tony!

To see more pictures from this shoot, click here –

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