Vomhof Family & Maternity Photoshoot

When Jeena had reached out to me over Facebook regarding doing her maternity photoshoot, I was thrilled, honored and so excited!

I always knew Jeena to be a gorgeous woman who had one of the most beautiful long hair! So when she reached out to me, I already had a vision for her photoshoot! And I was so happy that we were able to achieve just that!

We shot both indoors studio style and outdoors. She brought her husband Andy and sweet little daughter, Grace to the shoot and we all had a great time. When she walked in, she looked SO SO gorgeous in her beautiful velvet green dress and impeccable makeup. BIG THANKS to Srizna Giri (https://www.instagram.com/makeupwithcna/) who did such a fantastic job on the makeup artistry!

We then stepped outside, to a park next door, to click some fun snowy, wintery photos. Jeena was a real trooper and was open to walking the distance through the snow to get the pictures and the results we both wanted!

Jeena, thank you so much for giving me this opportunity for clicking your maternity pictures! I feel so fortunate that you picked me and I am so happy that you were happy with the results!

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