Art Deco Inspired Photoshoot

As I grow older, the past fascinates me more than ever before. Maybe because I see more behind me than in front, very slowly.

One of my models and good friend Alexy and I were making plans of our next photoshoot and looking for indoor locations. If you have lived or even visited Minnesota, you know that outdoor photography is next to impossible from late November to about end of April. For the ones who can brave the cold, that might not really matter.

Lo and behold, Mickey’s Diner came to mind! So we drove over there on a cold Saturday morning and shamelessly took photos. It was their busiest hour so we weren’t able to take the full advantage of the interesting restaurant. Yet we managed to get some fun photos out of the experience.

If you are a photographer looking for trained models to shoot with, check out Alexy’s Instagram page –


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