The Process

In order to provide you with your desired product, I take the time to go through some initial steps in order to understand your photoshoot needs. Here are the steps that we take to gather all the information.

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Phone/Email Consultation

Here’s where we talk through the details of your photoshoot – occasion, # of people, style of photoshoot – indoor/studio style of outdoor, possible locations, oufits, availability for both parties, etc.

Following our initial information gathering session, I will be available to via email/phone to answer any questions you might have regarding the day of the photoshoot. You will also receive an email invite to book your photoshoot.

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The Photoshoot

Depending on the location (either my studio or a mutually agreed upon outdoor location based on step 1), we will meet at the decided upon time.

Shoot times typically vary from style of photoshoot, but for the most part they go upto 1 hr.

Hair and Makeup is typically not part of the photography services, but the client can feel free to arrange for it outside of the shoot time.

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Photo Sharing

You will have same day access to ALL the photos we click on the session, digitally via Dropbox (file sharing tool). You will receive an email from me at the end of the day with a dropbox link to your pictures.

You can then go through the pictures and pick 10 of your favorite photos (share the DSCXXX.JPG #s) from the session. These will be the photos that I will be retouching to put my own signature style to it. You will receive the final edited images in approx. 2 weeks from the time you share favorite 10 photos.

Let’s plan your next photoshoot!

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